The company

Techno ltd
with years of experience specializing in the area of Cash Registers - Cash Systems, fiscal mechanisms and systems for the proper and safe management of the Euro.

One of the main objects is to design and develop software for fiscal cash registers, fiscal mechanism (SSTRNL) and generally devices with fiscal memory.

With years of experience and expertise of its staff, the company established itself as one of the most serious and strongest companies in its field with absolutely successful software developer in cash registers and fiscal instruments with fiscal memory.

The company is also engaged in the wholesale retail systems and systems for the Euro handling.

In cash-retail systems category  included  various models - types of fiscal cash registers such as cash register simple type with thermal printers, cash registers with internal battery for portable operation, cash registers which can work with connected  bar code scanner / PC / electronic scales, also in cash-retail systems category included terminal devices, various models of Point of Sales (POS) , various models of thermal printers, barcode scanners, electronic scales  and scale systems with label printing.

In the field of computer applications Techno Ltd company with applications related and specialize in managing of sales in conjunction with POS systems, holds one of the best integrated wireless ordering solutions for commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, taverns, bar, cafe bar, club, etc.

The systems for EURO management which also TECHNO Ltd company engaged, include various models - types of devices such as portable and fixed type counterfeit detectors, counters of banknotes and coins, and in which the company has the exclusive dealerships.

Our company is also engaged in Euro application solutions such coin trays desktop or portable type, bag (for waist) together with portable coin tray for portable transactions, banknote holder alone or together with coin tray, delivery bags for food and beverages with insulation for better preservation of the products during transport.

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Product categories of our company:

Electronic cash registers, portable cash registers, cash drawers, sstrnl crypto devices (SSTRNL), scales, scale systems, barcode readers- scanners, POS systems, thermal printers (POS), money detectors, money counters, money falseness  detectors and counters ,coin trays, hip bags with euro coin tray , delivery bags.