The sale and support for our products on the market becomes by authorized dealers per region.

For proper and qualitative support of end customers from our dealers, we provide in our dealers all necessary information - education.

We are available to our dealers for free phone support and e-mail via e-mail.

Also, for even more direct and qualitative support to their end customers, our company  provide to our authorized dealers after the registration process, approval of registration and login in our website, the possibility of access for downloading of useful files or support programs.

In this case, after login in our  website, in the internal pages of the products will be displayed additional and the material you can downloaded.

Welcome !

Dear partners, we welcome you in our company website !

The purpose of the web site is the best possible information about the products of our company.

Our authorized dealers can have access through the web side to product promotion material as also to support material after sign and login procedure.

Product categories of our company:

Electronic cash registers, portable cash registers, cash drawers, sstrnl crypto devices (SSTRNL), scales, scale systems, barcode readers- scanners, POS systems, thermal printers (POS), money detectors, money counters, money falseness  detectors and counters ,coin trays, hip bags with euro coin tray , delivery bags.